Will Writing and Review

It is estimated that over half of UK adults do not have a will. Among those that do, many have used off the shelf DIY kits. The risk with these is that if they are not completed correctly they could prove problematic, ineffective or even void. This could lead to such wills not being executed in the manner in which they were intended. In some cases, they may serve to have no value at all leaving the intestacy rules to apply. 

With our service we will ensure that we establish the full extent of your estate and discuss who you would wish to benefit.  We will explore the different types of gifts that can be made, the likely impact Inheritance Tax will have on your estate and how this tax can be mitigated.  Once we are comfortable that we understand the full extent of your estate then our professional will drafters will prepare a legally binding, compliant Will, enabling your executors to carry out your wishes as you intended. 

It is also important that wills are reviewed annually to ensure that all newly acquired or recently disposed of assets are correctly reflected and dealt with.  Even simple things such as replacing your car could invalidate a gift in your will leaving an intended beneficiary without a legacy.

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Graham and Rhys have been beyond helpful and always have wise words, and most importantly they tell it straight.  I’d much rather have the truth even if its not good news than empty hope – and WTT have always given just that, straight talking and the truth.