Estate Administration

Administering an estate, whether by obtaining probate or through intestacy, is a difficult and time-consuming process particularly if you are grieving for the loss of a loved one.  There are a number of legal pitfalls which could catch you out and the possibility of incurring personal liability if you administer the estate incorrectly.

An executor must do their utmost to locate potential beneficiaries. To not do so would in breach of their fiduciary duties to those entitled to a share of the estate.  Executors may also incur additional costs if the necessary paperwork is prepared incorrectly.  You also need to prepare and keep accounts to demonstrate how the estate has been dealt with after payment of liabilities and expenses.

From obtaining probate to the completion of all statutory forms, if you are named as an executor, we can guide you through the process or alternatively we can be named as the Executor in the Will to perform the administration ourselves.

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