WTT for Professional Advisers

The world of tax is complex and extensive. It is unrealistic for many professional advisers to understand every aspect of every tax to the degree necessary to ensure compliance. WTT works with a significant number of professionals from varied practices developing an understanding of their clients’ tax position and their options moving forward. 

We work with advisers from the finance, legal, tax, accounting, insurance, insolvency and property sectors and are discussing matters with new firms regularly. We also offer in house training for firms looking to expand the reach of their provision to clients. 

An example of some of the areas we advise the professional market on are as follows: 

  • Company restructuring as a result of legislative changes
  • Company tax exposure and planning
  • Tax credits and the claim process
  • Development and implementation of employee incentive schemes 
  • Due diligence of taxation matters on proposed re-structuring and acquisitions
  • Compliance consultancy and third-party reviews on tax proposals
  • In house training on legislative changes and specific tax matters
  • Tax helpline for clients. 

The above list is not exhaustive. To discuss if we can help you, your business or your clients please do not hesitate to contact us.

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I’m so glad I found WTT, it has been such a support and to now be in a position whereby we may have a plan going forward and if it fails we know what we are looking at come 2019 is like someone actually turning on that light at the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel may still be long, the light may shine brighter and dim at times over the coming months/years, but one way or another we will get to the end of that tunnel and come out the other side back into the sunshine.