Residency Status

The test for residency (Statutory residence test) is complex. Those who seek to change their resident or domicile status must meet strict requirements, of which record keeping is an essential part. The rules apply for UK individuals working overseas for short or long periods. They also cover non-UK citizens coming to the UK for assignments. Careful advance planning is strongly recommended.

WTT offers a comprehensive review of circumstances and development of a strategy to ensure compliance with required legislation leading to the correct result. We will work with you to ensure the correct documentation and information is retained in the right way and that your submission to HMRC via WTT is as extensive as required to ensure you arrive at the right decision.

If you are planning to move abroad or wish to discuss the potential for becoming non-resident along with the effects on your tax position please do not hesitate to contact us.

Equally, if you will be working in the UK for a period, early engagement to ensure compliance is essential.

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I’m so glad I found WTT, it has been such a support and to now be in a position whereby we may have a plan going forward and if it fails we know what we are looking at come 2019 is like someone actually turning on that light at the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel may still be long, the light may shine brighter and dim at times over the coming months/years, but one way or another we will get to the end of that tunnel and come out the other side back into the sunshine.