WTT for Contractors

WTT is perhaps best known for its work in the freelancing community and we pride ourselves on the close connection with have built, over many years, with the industry and those that operate within it. We have sought to develop a holistic approach to tax matters in contracting, of which there are many. Beginning with management of existing tax enquiries WTT works with its clients to reach a mutually agreeable settlement of any outstanding tax with HMRC. In the event this is not possible and a robust defence is available, WTT’s legal team will take over and provide expert advice surrounding the litigation process and defence strategies.

Once the enquiry is finalised, or in tandem with an ongoing resolution, WTT then works with our clients to plan a secure and compliant future by taking time to talk through all the options available before mutually deciding upon a suitable approach to working as a freelancer. This may be via our preferred umbrella option, The Contractor Co-operative, or via the creation of a Personal Services Company. Either way you can be assured that you will be given the full picture before any decision is taken because our belief is that absolute transparency is the only way to proceed.

From here clients are guided through the process of securing their financial future by considering various savings and investment options which can be implemented into their existing affairs.

We see this holistic approach to past, present and future planning for contractors as the most comprehensive service available to the community and as above, we pride ourselves on delivering cautious, robust and simple advice to all of our clients. For more information or for an introductory meeting please do not hesitate to contact us.

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