What is WTT Big Group?

WTT Big Group is an action group of current and ex-contractors directly affected by the existing and proposed legislative changes granting HMRC wide ranging powers. Our focus is on mobilising a collaborative voice to deliver a strategy for resolution of the existing enquiry in a fair and appropriate way whilst challenging the 2019 Loan Charge and its effectiveness, ensuring future sustainability of the contracting profession.

The primary objective of the group is to arrive at a tax analysis and consequent settlement with HMRC, which can be regarded as fair and reasonable for both parties. This is not limited to the tax position whilst engaged in the scheme but will extend to agreement in respect of any obligations or rights that still exist, such as loans from trusts. This will be essential in order to reach overall finality following recent budgetary announcements indicating that all outstanding loans received via an EBT will be taxed as income on 05 April 2019.

Welcome to WTT Big Group

Upon joining the group you will be receive the following;

  • A complimentary call with WTT Tax team to discuss our strategy for resolution, your current status with HMRC and the arrangements you are involved. This will help us develop your bespoke strategy for challenge and afford you a full understanding of your position.
  • A comprehensive document detailing the arrangements you are involved in, how they worked, the parties involved and a full analysis of our strategy for challenging HMRC’s assessment of the tax position.
  • A comprehensive explanation of our defence to the 2019 Loan Charge and our discussions with HMRC relating to this.
  • Membership of our ongoing litigious action to defend your tax position.
  • Access to an extensive catalogue of newsletters, strategy documents, webinars, seminar recordings, briefings for Members of Parliament and much more.
  • Ongoing access to our events, newsletters and our private forum where members support each other with practical solutions to problems both related to the ongoing tax position and future working as a contractor.
  • A complimentary call with WTT Legal, a dedicated in house law firm to discuss any Employment Law issues you may have.
  • A complimentary call with The Contractor Co-operative to discuss IR35, your operation as a contractor and how to ensure future compliance.

Why Should I Join?

If you are a contractor who is subject to ongoing enquiry from HMRC you should consider joining Big Group.

By actively engaging as a member you will develop a comprehensive understanding of your situation through resources available to members via the private forum. This is furthered by support offered from other contractors who have already progressed through the various stages of tax enquiry. Their first-hand stories will offer you an invaluable look into the potential obstacles you face during a tax enquiry and how to navigate yourself successfully through.

In addition to the private forum members have access to WTT Consulting Limited and its advisers who are able to utilise their vast experience in this field to assist you in finding a resolution to the enquiry. WTT Consulting manage and advise the group along with a retained Tax Barrister and Accountancy, Insolvency and estate planning provision. This combined team of industry leading experts are on hand to reach a robust resolution to ongoing enquiries.


Industry leading support from professionals experienced in the contractor market.

Private Forum

Access to an active private forum of like-minded contractors supporting one another.


Access to preferential pricing for accounting, insolvency and estate planning services.


Become a part of ongoing settlement discussions with HMRC, which seek to mitigate your tax exposure.


Receive regular newsletters detailing HMRC's recent moves and what you can expect next.


Ensure future compliance for your tax affairs with expert guidance.

Who am I represented by?

WTT Consulting Limited

WTT Consulting are a specialist tax enquiry and professional services firm, engaged to manage the ongoing tax affairs of WTT Big Group and its members by reaching a resolution to tax enquiry through settlement with HMRC. WTT Big Group members may also receive preferential fees for personal engagements with WTT.

Insolvency Provision

WTT Big Group works with its approved insolvency practitioner to provide members resources to assist with identifying suitable routes to IVA and Bankruptcy, should it be required. Members will also receive reduced fee access to bespoke insolvency planning where necessary and appropriate.

WTT Big Group Panel

A panel of your peers maintains and drives communication from within the forum, whilst steering and developing campaigns outside of it. They are on hand to listen to members' suggestions and to implement changes where appropriate, whilst giving guidance from first hand experience.

Legal Counsel

WTT Consulting employs the the services of an eminent UK Barrister, renowned for his commercial approach to tax enquiry. He is directly engaged by WTT Consulting Limited to provide expert analysis on prospective tax analysis and litigation campaigns.

Accountancy Provision

Upon joining WTT Big Group members gain access to beneficial rates for accountancy provision from two professional firms, one based in the North and one in London, both who have been approved to join the WTT Big Group strategic alliance.

Legal Provision & Asset Management

WTT Big Group is engaged with two top 20 UK law firms, with additional provision in offshore territories to provide advice to WTT Consulting on legal principles of historic arrangements, the Group's ongoing litigious campaigns and also the ongoing asset management of individual members.

How do I Join?

We are currently going through a resolution process with HMRC.
To join the group please call the team to discuss becoming part of the resolution process.

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