Challenging HMRC

HMRC are all too aware that for contractors the cost of engaging professionals to defend an assessment is more than the tax claimed. With this in mind challenging can seem illogical. This is why we have developed WTT Big Group, an action group of current and ex-contractors directly affected by historic enquiries based on hindsight and proposed legislative changes impacting the future working practices. By mobilising a collective voice developing a strategy for resolving historic enquiry in a fair and proportionate manner, we harness the power of many people striving for a common objective.

The primary objective of the group is to provide a tax analysis and consequent settlement with HMRC, which is fair and reasonable for both parties. This is not limited to the tax position only but extends to agreement in respect of any obligations or rights that still exist, such as loans. This is essential in order to reach overall finality following recent budgetary announcements indicating that all outstanding loans received via an EBT will be taxed as income on 5th April 2019.

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I’m so glad I found WTT, it has been such a support and to now be in a position whereby we may have a plan going forward and if it fails we know what we are looking at come 2019 is like someone actually turning on that light at the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel may still be long, the light may shine brighter and dim at times over the coming months/years, but one way or another we will get to the end of that tunnel and come out the other side back into the sunshine.