Will the new Chancellor take a broom to IR35?

Dust that becomes grime, can be difficult to move We are an apolitical company. As such, whilst we have watched the unfolding of the Tory party’s leadership process with interest, we have no opinion as to the result. We do however have a very positive view on the appointment of Sajid Javid as the Chancellor […]

New HMRC oversight…but is it enough?

The call for greater scrutiny For some time now many have called for greater scrutiny of HMRC as a requirement to support natural justice and certainty in our tax system.  As a non-ministerial government department, it has little accountability to Parliament. There are many examples of Parliament committees attempting to hold HMRC and its Senior […]

Loan charge, review and options

I have previously acknowledged the work of LCAG in securing the review of the loan charge, now due to be published no later than 30th March 2019. It was a great effort….

Voicing the 99%

“We are the 99%”, a political slogan used by the Occupy movement, refers to the concentration of income and wealth amongst the top 1% of population. It also reflects an opinion that the “99%” are paying a price for the choices of a small minority of the 1%.  Following another leak from an offshore law […]