Umbrella Audit

WTT’s Umbrella Auditing Services offer a full suite verification and auditing platform, designed to encourage transparency in the supply chain through continuous, third-party accountability.

Conducted by award winning Tax and Legal advisors, regulated under recognised professional bodies, monthly activities will be assessed against a constantly updated, common authentication framework.

Amongst other indicators of non-compliance, WTT will conduct a reconciliation of each pay run, the RTI submission and the company bank statement to ensure no leakage of Tax or payments which contravene legislation.

Matched against a continuously evolving database of non-compliant Avoidance Schemes, maintained by WTT’s investigations team, your clients can be certain about the legitimacy of your offering, through unparalleled transparency.

Upon completion, the Umbrella is issued with a monthly certificate of compliance. Once shared with clients and employees, login details are supplied for them to independently verify authenticity via WTT’s private portal.

Regular, transparent and extensive, this monthly exercise is the only way that end-clients and employees can have certainty in what you do.

The kite mark for compliance, WTT is your partner in safe, transparent supply chain auditing.

A scalable, cost-effective solution for end-clients to decrease liability risk from the Criminal Finance Act and for umbrellas to evidence comprehensive, consistent auditing.

Safety in verification for the entire supply chain.

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