I’m unsure of my liability if I settle with HMRC, how do I work this out?

WTT offers potential clients a no-obligation review of their position which includes a free calculation of potential liability. To take up this opportunity please contact the team.

My scheme operator has demanded I repay a loan from years ago. What can I do?

It is becoming more and more common that trustees and scheme operators are recalling loans received many years ago in an effort to legitimise the schemes they marketed following new legislation and precedent. These demands can be terrifying, but commonly lack substance and can be defended easily. WTT has successfully defended a number of these […]

My end client has given me a contract to sign that makes me liable if my IR35 status is challenged.

The continuous changes that we’re seeing in the IR35 arena is causing confusion for all parties which is leading to ill-drafted contracts seeking to protect positions which are not appropriate. WTT Legal’s expert team spend significant time on contract negotiations between contractors and end-clients. For a no-obligation review of your contract please contact our legal […]

I want to challenge HMRC’s demands but don’t want to do it on my own.

Depending on the demand you’ve received it is possible that WTT has already organised a group to defend HMRC’s assertion that tax is due. We currently manage groups of individuals defending tax demands from the following products, Contractor Loan Arrangements, Offshore Tax Structuring, Film Partnerships, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), Enterprise Zones Trusts (EZT’s), Business Premises […]

My client has an outstanding enquiry with HMRC, how much information should I give?

This will largely depend on the type of enquiry received. For example, if a s.9a has been received this is a more informal request for information and we can therefore be more selective about the questioning. Conversely if a schedule 36 notice is received then failure to comply is met with penalties and so a […]

I’ve received a follower notice from HMRC and I don’t know what to do.

Receiving a follower notice and APN is a shock for many. It may come out of the blue and indeed we have seen follower notices arrive after ten years of inaction by HMRC. Dealing with the subsequent process does not need to be stressful and there are sometimes ways to challenge. You can find more […]

How do I work most compliantly as a contractor with IR35 in mind?

The landscape for IR35 is constantly changing and with the introduction of IR35 into the public sector beginning in 2020, contractors must begin to prepare themselves. In addition, recent case law surrounding Personal Service Companies shows that running a ltd company as a contractor is perhaps not the safe and compliant route it has typically […]