Is my scheme included in Big Group?

Please contact the team to understand if your arrangement is affected

Do I need more bespoke tax services?

This is largely dependant on your circumstances. If you would like to discuss a more bespoke tax offering please contact WTT Consulting for further information at or 020 7874 1572

I’ve been sent a demand to re-pay my loan, what can I do?

There are many unique differences between the various loan demands and the trust deeds which govern them. It is entirely likely that you are not along and WTT Big Group is already helping individuals in the same circumstances. To discuss this with one of the team please contact or 020 7874 1572

Does Big Group represent both DOTAS and Non-DOTAS schemes

Yes, our work covers both variants.

I’ve received an APN and I wish to challenge it

Please visit!apn-service/dv0bv for further information

What is my maximum possible liability?

Whilst not a very easy discussion to have, we often hear from contractors wanting some clarity on which aspects of their employment income can be claimed back by HMRC, along with how they can identify a worst possible amount at stake. To discuss this with one of the team please contact or 020 7874 1572

I’ve received a Notice of Assessment demanding an amount I don’t think is due

Please visit!notice-of-assessment/ezvom for further information