IR35 reform will reshape the market

The agency The shift of the decision maker for determining IR35 status, post April 2020 is going to have deep and permanent repercussions. Until that date, the decision as to status lies with the contractor. If that decision is ultimately incorrect and more tax is due, the contractor is liable. Post April 2020, the end […]

Will the new Chancellor take a broom to IR35?

Dust that becomes grime, can be difficult to move We are an apolitical company. As such, whilst we have watched the unfolding of the Tory party’s leadership process with interest, we have no opinion as to the result. We do however have a very positive view on the appointment of Sajid Javid as the Chancellor […]

IR35: reform extended to the private sector

How Prepared are you? The IR35 “off-payroll” rules are being extended to encompass all those working in the private sector, starting with payments made after 6th April 2020. This will require you to review your working arrangements for periods after that date and to consider what you did in the past. Your ability to influence […]

New HMRC oversight…but is it enough?

The call for greater scrutiny For some time now many have called for greater scrutiny of HMRC as a requirement to support natural justice and certainty in our tax system.  As a non-ministerial government department, it has little accountability to Parliament. There are many examples of Parliament committees attempting to hold HMRC and its Senior […]

Fairness and Jesse Norman 2011 v. 2019

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Jesse Norman MP, is not long in his post and yet he is already overwhelmed. Since having asked for information as to the impact of the loan charge his inbox has been swamped with personal stories. We have seen some of these stories; a sound night’s sleep does not […]

The Loan Charge, Jesse Norman and Empty Words

Loan Charge distress In the second half of 2018, the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee took considerable pains to review the provisions of the then Finance Bill and produced a report (see link below). This report benefited from hearing evidence, written and face to face, from a number of experts and those working in […]

Finance Bill 2019-20: IR35 Off payroll working reform

11th July 2019 saw the long-awaited documents bringing into legislation the extension of the off payroll working rules from the public sector into the private and third sectors. A policy paper, a response to the consultation process, and draft legislation were published today. In this instance, experience has triumphed over hope and we will see […]

IR35 Dilemma for the end client

April 2020 will see major changes to the intermediaries’ tax rules, or IR35 as they are commonly referred to.  From that date the responsibility for determining whether the IR35 rules apply moves from the service supplier to the organisation receiving the services, known as the end client.  Should they assess the status incorrectly then potentially the fee […]

The Future of Contracting Webinar Part 2

On the 13th March 2019 WTT Legal began a series of joint webinars with The Contractor Co-op to discuss the future of contracting in light of seismic changes to the market. The discussion continues with Part two of the series which looks at; The Future of Contracting and practical points to consider Salary Sacrifice and […]

The Loan Charge APPG publishes its damning report into HMRC

The report from the cross party MP group led by Sir Ed Davey is a stinging indictment of HMRC policy in relation to contractors in general and says that the loan charge is a damaging and retrospective raid on that expert group of taxpayers that should be delayed and reviewed, independently.