Open. Committed. With Integrity.

Built on principles of transparency, commitment and integrity, WTT brings together experienced tax, legal and finance professionals working together to develop robust defences to ongoing tax matters arising from the past and assisting you to ensure clarity in legally aware planning for the future.

Who are WTT?

WTT provides award winning and experienced tax advisers, legal experts and finance professionals all under one roof. We work together to advise clients facing ongoing tax issues and looking to plan for a secure, legally compliant tax framework for the future.

Guided by the principles of openness, clarity and integrity, we provide an innovative approach in what is often viewed as an opaque industry. With that in mind, WTT will work collaboratively with you to devise a tax strategy that achieves your longer-term goals and a clear plan to bring them into reality. We take care to ensure you understand our advice, because the ultimate decision is yours.

Our aim is the provide the resolution and clarity you need so that you feel confident and empowered to take control of your tax, legal and financial affairs going forward.

Whether you are a contractor, an individual or have a client who is facing tax issues with the HMRC, WTT is here to assist you. Call us or fill in your details here and we’ll call you back. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

How can WTT help?

WTT’s experienced professionals cover a broad range of practice areas and are on hand to discuss any requirements you may have.


Utilising proven technical and commercial arguments, WTT is able offer you an impartial, straightforward review and assessment of the likely outcomes for your tax portfolio.

Tax Help

WTT Legal

Our team of lawyers deliver legal solutions which are integrated with the tax and financial advice given by WTT Consulting. This allows us to offer a holistic approach to the provision of advice.

Legal Help

WTT Big Group

An action group of contractors, Big Group mobilises a collaborative voice to implement a challenge HMRC’s existing tax enquiries and ensure the sustainability of the freelancing profession.

WTT Big Group


How do I work most compliantly as a contractor with IR35 in mind?

The landscape for IR35 is constantly changing and with the introduction of IR35 into the public sector beginning in 2020, contractors must begin to prepare themselves. To begin you can visit our IR35 pages here which include our helpful videos on the matter

In addition, recent case law surrounding Personal Service Companies shows that running a ltd company as a contractor is perhaps not the safe and compliant route it has typically been considered to be. To discuss the expected pitfalls and new legislation with a member of the team to ensure your future planning is compliant please contact us.

I’ve received a follower notice from HMRC and I don’t know what to do.

Receiving a follower notice and APN is a shock for many. It may come out of the blue and indeed we have seen follower notices arrive after ten years of inaction by HMRC. Dealing with the subsequent process does not need to be stressful and there are sometimes ways to challenge. You can find more information about challenging demands from HMRC here.

My client has an outstanding enquiry with HMRC, how much information should I give?

This will largely depend on the type of enquiry received. For example, if a s.9a has been received this is a more informal request for information and we can therefore be more selective about the questioning. Conversely if a schedule 36 notice is received then failure to comply is met with penalties and so a fuller response is required to protect your client. It is recommended that you speak with one of our advisers who will be able to assist you further in drafting suitable responses and reviewing your drafts.

I want to challenge HMRC’s demands but don’t want to do it on my own.

Depending on the demand you’ve received it is possible that WTT has already organised a group to defend HMRC’s assertion that tax is due. We currently manage groups of individuals defending tax demands from the following products, Contractor Loan Arrangements, Offshore Tax Structuring, Film Partnerships, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), Enterprise Zones Trusts (EZT’s), Business Premises Renovation Allowance Schemes (BPRA’s), Property Syndicates, Share loss Schemes, EBT’s and Discounted Security schemes.

It is therefore likely that WTT is already working with a group on your scheme and you should not fear challenging the demand alone. Please contact us to find out more about our groups or find out more about challenging HMRC’s demands here.

My end client has given me a contract to sign that makes me liable if my IR35 status is challenged.

The continuous changes that we’re seeing in the IR35 arena is causing confusion for all parties which is leading to ill-drafted contracts seeking to protect positions which are not appropriate. WTT Legal’s expert team spend significant time on contract negotiations between contractors and end-clients. For a no-obligation review of your contract please contact our legal team.

My scheme operator has demanded I repay a loan from years ago. What can I do?

It is becoming more and more common that trustees and scheme operators are recalling loans received many years ago in an effort to legitimise the schemes they marketed following new legislation and precedent. These demands can be terrifying, but commonly lack substance and can be defended easily. WTT has successfully defended a number of these demands to date and we are confident that we have arguments for the vast majority of contractor loan arrangements.

Please contact us immediately if you receive a demand of this nature.

I’m unsure of my liability if I settle with HMRC, how do I work this out?

WTT offers potential clients a no-obligation review of their position which includes a free calculation of potential liability. To take up this opportunity please contact the team.